How negativity can affect you....

Many things have changed since my last post.

After finishing college I needed to focus on working full time and spending more time with my family. I had been at my job since 2012 and for most of the time there was as a part time employee since school was my priority. Spending my whole day at work I started to realize how unhappy I was, I no longer had that option to leave early, no excuse to go home.

My life was overwhelmed with long work hours, sometimes six days a week and I would even work from home after work to "try" and catch up before the next day. I no longer had energy to visit my family since most of time at home was spent sleeping and trying to recuperate. I stopped working out and was constantly eating something quick and fast which most of the time was fast food. Therefore causing me to gain a lot of weight..I remember looking in the mirror on several occasions in unbelief of how my body had changed. I always had a sweater on to cover my body, I felt naked with…

The End to an Amazing Chapter

I have been so overwhelmed with school and trying to graduate, graduating is coming up next month and I can't wait. I will be receiving my Bachelors and will be the first person in my whole family to receive one! This has honestly been one of the most difficult things I have endured and also some of the most proudest moments. I have felt like giving up before and just not want to go to school because of the physical and mental exhaustion but I pushed through. As I started school as a freshmen I was naive and thought it would be easy four years but little did I know it would take me more than four years and not so easy.

Advice for future college students:

Keep your family and support system near by because you will need to rely on them sometimes for strength.

Never forget GOD is on your side and you can find peace and rest in him.

Have faith and patience.

Just because you fail doesn't mean you should give up, keep pushing!

Learning to forgive others

I have finally found some time to get back on this and start writing. As I sit here on my bed in my pajamas (yes I know it's late but this is my day of relaxation lol) I start to think about myself and how I want to be a better person. When I sit and reflect on my life I think about all the blessings God has given me and my husband, my health is great, etc. but I can't avoid all the things I am struggling with and hope to improve. One of my daily struggles is learning to forgive people who have hurt me, people who I considered friends, people who I know do not like me and I keep trying to show them love and it just seems impossible to get through them. I know I have also hurt people by my words, looks and lack of communication because when someone hurts me I also choose to AVOID them which I think actually makes things worst. When something hurts me I chose to not have any communication with them and try to not have a relationship with them but I always feel like this only hur…

Do what you love!

💜💙As I sit in my room doing my work I think of all the aspects of my life and who make me me. I went shopping last week and I found this frame that says :Do what you love" and I thought to myself that is something I like to constantly remind myself of as I go throughout my day, so I bought it and put it by my desk. Every time I sit in my office to do homework or whatever I am doing that day I look at it and it reminds me of why I keep pushing forward. It has come a long way for me because even though I am graduating soon I feel like sometimes I don't know what I want to do with my career. At first I wanted to be a doctor, I still have the heart and passion but along the way I started to compare myself to others and I felt like it was "too hard" and maybe I should go to school for something a little easier. My family and friends all want me to continue to pursue my dream but I think to myself if I am ready for such a big dedication, do I have the grades? I love to …

Building a relationship with Christ

💜 I feel like every year I have the same resolution even though I try not to make any somehow I always come up with same one. This new year I hope to build a deeper and stronger relationship with Christ. I always mean when I say this but I never really live up to it so today while I was folding laundry I felt this distance between me and God and I thought why do I have this feeling. I decided I would worship Jesus with some Hillsong and Kim Walker some of my favorite singers/bands. I decided to let the music play while I prayed to God and I felt so much better after and I decided I would set some time apart every day to be with God. I feel like I always get "busy" with my personal life and I tend to put God in the back burner. I discussed this with my husband so he will help me keep this resolution. I don't like to call this a resolution because I want to establish a relationship with Christ for the rest of my life not just this year. While I spent time with Christ toda…

Finally finished fall quarter!!

I am so excited, I am officially done with my fall quarter which means I only have two more quarters until I graduate, yay! This was one of my first quarters were I took two online classes and it honestly was such a heavy work load that I am happy to leave that behind me! My winter break has finally started so I get to make plans for me and my husband to go out an enjoy this Christmas season. For those for you who live in California are there any placed you recommend we go visit? Let me know in the comments section or are any of you in college what are you majoring in? Til Next time→

Batiste- the best dry shampoo out there

Batiste is the best dry shampoo I have ever tried and the best thing is it can be found at your local Target at a very affordable price. For the last twenty-three years of my life my hair was dark brown I FINALLY decided to change things up and had a purple ombre done! The picture above was after I did my hair for the second time to a darker purple which I love! In order to keep the color in my hair I avoid washing it everyday and use dry shampoo to prevent it from looking so oily. I recently starting using Batiste and I instantly feel in love with it after the first time here are the main things I love about it: It DOES NOT leave any white powder residue.Smells fantastic-not like hair spray.Only need to spray small amounts for it to absorb the oils.Works on very oily hair (my hair has always been very oily and I was so surprised to see it work).Makes it look like you just washed your hair!Affordable and Available at your local Target.Will last more than 2 days. If you are in need of …