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Finally finished fall quarter!!

I am so excited, I am officially done with my fall quarter which means I only have two more quarters until I graduate, yay! This was one of my first quarters were I took two online classes and it honestly was such a heavy work load that I am happy to leave that behind me! My winter break has finally started so I get to make plans for me and my husband to go out an enjoy this Christmas season. For those for you who live in California are there any placed you recommend we go visit? Let me know in the comments section or are any of you in college what are you majoring in? Til Next time→

Batiste- the best dry shampoo out there

Batiste is the best dry shampoo I have ever tried and the best thing is it can be found at your local Target at a very affordable price. For the last twenty-three years of my life my hair was dark brown I FINALLY decided to change things up and had a purple ombre done! The picture above was after I did my hair for the second time to a darker purple which I love! In order to keep the color in my hair I avoid washing it everyday and use dry shampoo to prevent it from looking so oily. I recently starting using Batiste and I instantly feel in love with it after the first time here are the main things I love about it: It DOES NOT leave any white powder residue.Smells fantastic-not like hair spray.Only need to spray small amounts for it to absorb the oils.Works on very oily hair (my hair has always been very oily and I was so surprised to see it work).Makes it look like you just washed your hair!Affordable and Available at your local Target.Will last more than 2 days. If you are in need of …

Starting Off

I hope you all get to enjoy this blog as much as I am writing it.  I have been wanting to start a post for quite some time now but have putting it off. Could you believe that the day I start my first post my computer starts to act funny and keeps deleting every sentence I made, I would call that a sign for me to continue this. I will be sharing my life journey with you all, some fashion and beauty as well along with sharing my faith. I am currently attending my local university in California and should be graduating with my bachelors degree in June. I am a wife, sister, daughter, student, friend so my life is consistently busy. Jesus is my Lord who I am getting to know him every day and I love every step of my journey with him. I kept this post short and sweet, I hope you all enjoy! What do you want to see more blogs on?

How I keep my purple from fading

♥♥I asked my hair stylist what she recommended to help keep my hair from fading and she recommended Overtone. I of course did some research on Overtone and found out there are so many good things about it so I instantly put my first order for the Go Deep weekly treatment from their website: I use it once a week and the color will last me about 1-1/2 weeks if I wish it 2-3 times during that time. The great things about using this product is you can order online, they have the conditioner weekly treatment ranging from $28.00 to $29.00 or you can purchase the set which also includes a conditioner and a travel 2 oz conditioner for around $45.00. Their products are completely vegan and it is not dye only a conditioner. Once I drench my hair in the conditioning treatment I massage it into my hair and let it sit for about 25 minutes then I rinse it off and wash it with my color protecting shampoo and conditioner and instantly see the chang…