Learning to forgive others

I have finally found some time to get back on this and start writing. As I sit here on my bed in my pajamas (yes I know it's late but this is my day of relaxation lol) I start to think about myself and how I want to be a better person. When I sit and reflect on my life I think about all the blessings God has given me and my husband, my health is great, etc. but I can't avoid all the things I am struggling with and hope to improve. One of my daily struggles is learning to forgive people who have hurt me, people who I considered friends, people who I know do not like me and I keep trying to show them love and it just seems impossible to get through them. I know I have also hurt people by my words, looks and lack of communication because when someone hurts me I also choose to AVOID them which I think actually makes things worst. When something hurts me I chose to not have any communication with them and try to not have a relationship with them but I always feel like this only hurts me and the other person is fine, even if they keep trying to keep in contact them. As I am struggling with this I keep in mind that Jesus forgives us every day and he never changes his attitude towards us even though we hurt him, I take this dear to my heart and pray that God will change my heart. Today I pray God will see my heart and help me forgive those who have hurt me and that those who I have hurt will forgive me. I hope you will also pray for me. I want to be set free from this bondage of hurt.
 Love me, 💛


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